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Atheism: A Critical Analysis

William Lane Craig on The Ben Shapiro Show

A Response to Hasker's Emergent Dualism and Emergent Creationism
Joshua Farris replies to William Hasker's Philosophia Christi response to his 2018 article. Continued..

Deriving the imago Dei from the Incarnation
Graham Floyd proposes that the doctrine of the Incarnation, coupled with the doctrine of divine omniscience and theory of divine ideas, can provide an explanation concerning what properties constitute the divine Continued..

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July 24 - 26 2019

Understanding Value VIII: Understanding Value Postgraduate Conference
Sheffield, United Kingdom

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom will ...

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September 5 - 6 2019

Death and Immortality
Oxford, United Kingdom

September 5-6, 2019
University of Oxford
Oxford, UK

This ...

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March 1 2019

CFP: Edinburgh Graduate Epistemology Conference

Paper submissions are being accepted through February 1 for the Graduate Epistemology Conference in Edinburgh, UK. read more

March 1 2019

CFP: Theologica Special Issue on Analytic Ecclesiology

The journal Theologica invites articles addressing issues related to the church and its practice that make use of analytic read more