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New Web Series: 'Miracle: An Argument'

Interview with Paul Gould: The Missional Professor

Web Project: Philosophical Discussions on Marriage and Family Topics
We welcome scholars interested in ethics, theology, and philosophy to contribute work on marriage and family topics Continued..

An Essay on Academic Disciplines, Faithfulness, and the Christian Scholar
Paul Gould argues that an academic discipline is best understood as a social practice. Mission takes place at the point of intersection between Christianity and dominant cultural stories. The idea of a missional Continued..

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July 1 - 3 2015

2015 Tyndale Philosophy Conference
Cambridge, UK

The Tyndale Philosophy Conference will take place in Selwyn College, Cambridge, Wed the 1st ...

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September 24 - 26 2015

2015 Eastern Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers

Join the Society of Christian Philosophers for their Eastern Regional Meeting September 24 - 26, ...

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June 8 2015

CALL FOR PAPERS: AXIOME 2016: Decision Making and the Divine Will: Theological, philosophical and pastoral issues

Participate in the Axiome 2016 conference in Montreal, March 10-12, 2016 read more

June 2 2015

CALL FOR PAPERS: Eastern Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers
September 24-26, 2015

Conference Theme: The Existence of God. Submissions exploring any topic of interest to Christian philosophers are welcome, read more