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Continue to Pray for Nabeel Qureshi!

Angus Menuge on AI and the Metaphysics of Mind

Philosophical Questions and the Unity of the Trinity: Re-engaging Christ-shaped Philosophy
J. Daniel McDonald offers a robust view of metaphilosophy and its implications for Paul Moser's Christ-shaped philosophy Continued..

Reasoning about Gender
Elliott Crozat addresses gender dichotomism and transgenderism, and argues that there is an unmet burden on transgenderism to show why gender dichotomism is false. Continued..

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September 28 - 30 2017

2017 Eastern Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers
Wilmore, KY

Theme: The Limits of Individualism: Dependence, Suffering, and Community.

Confirmed Speakers

October 13 - 14 2017

2017 Midwest Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers
Houston, Texas

Join keynote speakers, Daniel Bonevac (University of Texas-Austin) and Sarah Borden (Wheaton College), ...

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July 18 2017

Call for Papers: Designed Mind Symposium 2017

Participate in this forum to discuss and critique an emerging scientific picture of consciousness as a form of reflective read more

July 18 2017

Call for Papers: Theologica

Submit a paper for publication in the new, peer-reviewed journal Theologica. read more