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On the Holy Spirit and Christian Scholarship: An Interview with Amos Yong

Amos Yong is a professor of theology at Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA) and director of their doctor of philosophy program. He is an accomplished scholar on several fronts, with research interests in global Pentecostalism, theology of disability, Pentecostalism and science, and many other multidisciplinary areas. EPS members will be interested in his recent philosophy of religion article, “Disability and the Love of Wisdom: De-forming, Re-forming, and Per-forming Philosophy of Religion,” Ars Disputandi (2009). Over the years, Amos has also contributed to Philosophia Christi as a book reviewer.

During Spring 2012, Amos was a Fellow at Biola University’s Center for Christian Thought where he did research toward a future book on the significance of the Spirit in Christian scholarship and higher education. This is a question not only of interest to self-identified Pentecostals and Charismatics, but also of interest to evangelicals.
In the interview, Amos discusses his own vocation as a scholar, along with how he sees the ‘pentecostal’ contribution to so-called ‘faith-learning integration’ discussions and theology’s work in multidisciplinary contexts.

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