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Andrew T. Loke, PhDAndrew T. Loke, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong

Andrew Loke is Research Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong. He did his PhD in Theology at King’s College London, his Masters in Philosophy at Biola University, and his Bachelor in Medicine at National University of Singapore. He is the author of Science and Christian Faith (2016), A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation (2014), and??????(2014). He has published articles in Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Religious Studies (Cambridge University Press) and Journal of Theological Studies (Oxford University Press). He has spoken at conferences, universities, seminaries and churches in various parts of the world.

Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of Religion, Science and Religion, Early Christology, Systematic Theology, Books

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Books by Andrew T. Loke

  • A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation

    Ashgate, 2014
    ISBN #1472445732

  • Debating the Christian Faith Debating the Christian Faith

  • The Truth behind the Universe The Truth behind the Universe


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