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Are Propositions Divine Thoughts?

by Alexander Paul Bozzo

This paper contributes to a series of EPS web articles (with Nathan Shannon and Tony Lloyd), which responds to the 2011 Philosophia Christi article, "The Lord of Noncontradiction: An argument for God from Logic," by James Anderson and Greg Welty.

Anderson and Welty maintain in their 2011 article that God’s existence can be demonstrated on account of the necessary existence of the laws of logic. One consequence of their argument is the stipulation that propositions are divine thoughts. In this philosophical note, Alexander Bozzo objects that this conclusion entails either that God's thoughts are numerically identical to human thoughts, or that human thoughts contain elements internal to God's mind. 

The full-text of Bozzo's contribution is available for FREE by clicking here.

Anderson and Welty reply to Shannon, Bozzo and Lloyd in their 2013 paper, "In Defense of the Argument for God from Logic."

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