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Virtue and Vice: Moral and Intellectual

2008 Fullerton International Philosophy Conference

June 26-27, 2008
California State University, Fullerton

Keynote speakers include Linda Zagzebski and Roger Crisp and several other paper presenters. The goal of this conference is to address several key questions at the intersection of ethics, epistemology, and virtue theory: .e.g, What are the primary features of moral virtues (e.g., courage) and vices (e.g., cowardice)? What are the primary features of intellectual virtues (e.g., open-mindedness) and vices (e.g., dogmatism)? How are the moral and intellectual virtues (or vices) related to one another? Can one live a good life or attain knowledge without virtue? How difficult is it to become virtuous or vicious?  Web: http://hss.fullerton.edu/philosophy/fipc.htm

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