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CALL FOR PAPERS: Tyndale Philosophy Conference

This is advance notice of, and a call for abstracts for, this year's Tyndale Philosophy Conference. This will take place in Selwyn College, Cambridge, Wed the 1st through Friday the 3rd of July 2015.

The Tyndale Lecturer this year will be: Dr Joseph Diekemper, Queen's University Belfast.

If you would like to present a paper at our conference then please submit an abstract to by e-mail to j.diekemper@qub.ac.uk by March 31st. There is no need for you to send the full paper, though the full paper should take around 30 minutes to present. Those submitting abstracts will be notified, all being well, by the end of April. This will give time for applications for bursaries for those in financial need. Booking information will be available in due course at http://www.tyndalefellowship.com/studygroupsTF2.html.

Tyndale Philosophy welcomes abstracts on any aspect of philosophy falling under `philosophy of religion' broadly construed. We also welcome abstracts from men and from women, from any philosophical tradition, and from any religious outlook (including atheism). Abstracts will be judged solely on academic merit.

Feel free to forward this message on to others, and please do let us know if you know of any evangelical Christian philosophers that you think may not be already on the our e-mail notification list but might like to be.

Best wishes,
Dr. Joseph Diekemper
Philosophy of Religion Study Group
Tyndale Fellowship

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