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Free Will and Divine Action

August 21 - 23, 2019
Schlo? Furstenried
Munich, Germany

From the conference organizers:

While at our conference 2017 (see the proceedings) we investigated claims that miracles or human free actions are impossible or incompatible with the laws of nature, this conference will investigate the nature of human free actions and of divine actions. In which respects would free human actions be similar to divine interventions, and how would they be dissimilar? In which sense does human freedom have degrees, and in which sense would God be perfectly free? Is the existence of free human actions (of some kind) incompatible with atheism? What would constitute reasons for believing in free will of a certain kind? What would constitute reasons for believing in a divine intervention? What is the prior probability of a divine intervention? Is the existence of probabilistic laws of nature/processes necessary for free will or necessary for divine interventions? What possible kinds of divine action are there? What kinds of possible free human actions are there?

The Speakers and the titles of their talks

For more information: http://iap.li/event/tagung2019-en/
Type of event: Conferences of Interest

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