Jesus in the Temple

Mission Statement

The mission of the Evangelical Philosophical Society is to glorify God through the faithful practice of philosophy, fostering a deeper understanding of God and the world he created while both encouraging and enabling Christian philosophers to engage philosophical and spiritual issues in the academy, church, and culture.

Vision Statement

The Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS) is a professional society of Christian philosophers who are committed to a high view of biblical authority and who believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, intellectually persuasive, and rationally defensible in the marketplace of ideas. The EPS seeks to exemplify and inspire excellence and high quality scholarship, and it is committed to influencing contemporary culture so that the Christian faith will be more readily grasped and embraced. Through the journal Philosophia Christi, participation in conferences for both academics and the laity, and through scholarly projects which engage both the Christian and non-Christian philosophical communities, EPS members seek to have a significant impact on the broader academic community. The society also desires to make its resources available to the church and to equip believers in the task of outreach. As a result, its members are involved in international conferences, open forum, and other public venues both within and beyond the university community.

Christian Philosophers and the Secular Academy Sketches of Christian Virtues for Everyday Life