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Dear EPS Members and Friends,

In 1998 our professional members and our executive committee began working shoulder to shoulder and in a prayerful and resolute fashion to bring about a new level of rigor, visibility, and prestige to the philosophical work done under the banner of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. The Lord heard our prayers and blessed our plan and our efforts. The EPS membership began to grow. Our annual meetings are well attended and feature world-class scholars. Our regional conferences are making their mark. Our web site has become an important internet destination. Notable evangelical thinkers have been serving as our president. Our annual apologetics conference has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for lay people. And our journal has become one of the top-circulating philosophy of religion journals in the world.

We have reaped the benefits of this time of reinvigoration for seventeen years now and believe it is time to review and refresh the work of the society for the next decade and beyond.
But of course whenever a plan for renovation is on the table, there are costs associated. In order to maintain our current operations and move forward with what we consider to be the Lord’s plan for international growth and impact, we will need to raise the money to fund the work. We already have significant partners offering up matching fund grants for next year, but we need our members, subscribers, and friends to give generously in the last few weeks of 2014 in order to get our work started and to help us get through several challenging transitions we currently face.

Can we count on your generous help?

Everyone on the EPS Executive Committee (and a past member or two) is pledging to give $100 or more in the last few weeks of 2014. We urge you to join us. We really do need it and will put it to good use immediately.

Gratefully in Christ,

Angus Menuge, PhD, President

Mark Foreman, PhD, VP Mary Jo Sharp. MA
Paul Copan, Ph. D., Past President R. Douglas Geivett, PhD
William Lane Craig, PhD, DTheol, Past President J. P. Moreland, PhD
R. Scott Smith, PhD, Secretary/Treasurer Scott Rae, PhD
Craig Hazen, PhD, Journal Editor Charles Taliaferro, PhD
Garry DeWeese, PhD, Past VP Joshua Rasmussen, PhD
David Baggett, PhD Paul Gould, PhD
Chris Firestone, PhD Ross Inman, PhD

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Here are some things the EPS is already doing:

  • We're reaching out globally—We continue to pursue increased international collaboration with other societies supporting evangelical Christian philosophy, such as Tyndale Fellowship (associated with Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK) and the European Leadership Forum.
  • We demand excellence academically—Our journal, Philosophia Christi, is a premier academic source for Christian philosophy, featuring high-quality papers, discussions, and debates on cutting-edge issues, such as neuroscience and the soul, ramified natural theology, philosophical anthropology and theistic modal realism.
  • We're relevant digitally—Our website attracts scholars from Europe, Canada, South America, Asia and the US. It offers a forum for interviews with the authors of important new works like J. P. Moreland’s The Soul and Scott Smith’s In Search of Moral Knowledge and scholarly discussions such as the Christ-Shaped Philosophy Project as well as up-to-date information about our national and regional programming.
  • We interact personally—We have an active conference schedule, and well-attended national and regional meetings. Our international contributions have included presentations in Poland (the ELF philosophers’ network), Cambridge (the Tyndale philosophy of religion group) and Tehran (the annual philosophy of religion conference). Our members frequently participate in popular presentations and debates at major college campuses, where they defend Christian truth against opposing worldviews.
  • We impact culturally—We train hundreds of parishioners to defend their faith through our annual apologetics conferences. We reach thousands more through the essays, audio files, and videos available at

And here are some urgent requests for new projects:

  • Increased funds to maintain and expand our core operations as we transition to a self-supporting institution.
  • Grants to help overseas scholars attend our conferences in the US.
  • Funds to enable increased participation of the EPS in international conferences (e.g. the UK, Poland, Scandinavia, and Japan) to bring Christian truth to cultures dominated by post-Christian ideas.
  • Academic debates and outreach events in the US and abroad.
  • An ambitious (and expensive) plan to develop on-line resources to guide future research in all areas of Christian philosophy.

If you believe in the EPS’s mission to support Christian thought and Christian thinkers around the world, please give generously!

You may give via the EPS secure giving page here.

Thank you for your kindness and together, we can make a big difference for Christ!

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P.S. Please prayerfully consider supporting the EPS with an annual gift of $100 or more by December 31, and thank you for your desire to spread God’s Kingdom though solid scholarship!

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