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Nathan A. Jacobs, Ph.D.Nathan A. Jacobs, Ph.D.

Chief Creative Officer, Maximos Media
Scholar in Residence of Philosophy and Religion in the Religion in the Arts in Contemporary Culture Program (RACC) , Vanderbilt University, Divinity School

Dr. Nathan Jacobs holds advanced degrees in Philosophy, Historical and Systematic Theology, Church History, and Fine Art. He has served as a professor and lecturer at such schools as Calvin College and Seminary, Trinity College and Graduate School, and University of Kentucky. Dr. Jacobs has roughly thirty articles and three books to his credit. His first book (from Indiana University Press) was nominated for the American Philosophical Association's Book of the Year. His second book (published by Notre Dame) received the choice Gold Seal for Outstanding Academic Title. His third book was recently published by Cambridge University Press. Dr. Jacobs' areas of specialization include modern philosophy of religion, with emphasis on Leibniz and Kant; Eastern patristic thought, with emphasis on metaphysics; and the intersection between modern philosophy and patristic metaphysics in the philosophy of religion.

Areas of Specialization

philosophy of religion, Eastern patristic thought, metaphysics

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Books by Nathan A. Jacobs

  • In Defense of Kant's Religion In Defense of Kant's Religion

    Indiana University Press, 2008
    ISBN #0253220149

  • Kant and the Question of Theology Kant and the Question of Theology

    Cambridge University Press, 2017
    ISBN #B072ZW2KWX

  • Persistence of the Sacred in Modern Thought Persistence of the Sacred in Modern Thought

    University of Notre Dame Press, 2012
    ISBN #0268029067

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