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Theory of the Regenerative Order: A Multidimensional Theoretical Socio-Cultural Model

by Dale Kratt

In this work, Dale Kratt develops the theoretical concept that there is only one, utterly unique, socio-cultural regenerative order in human society.

Current debates regarding family/household have floundered due to a lack of a theoretically rigorous and comprehensive framework. Theory of the regenerative order is intended to answer this need.

This regenerative order is centrally about bringing new persons into the world and grooming them as the next generation; one person at a time. This order is the regenerative engine for the broader institutional life of any society; ancient or modern. It is partly rooted in the ground plan of the human body, deep biology, but also broadly integrated into the various socio-cultural dimensions, forms and functions of human life.

As regenerative, it is the primary institution by which the flux of relentless human change is structured and managed by projecting new human life, the next generation, into the future; one person at a time. This is the regenerative process.

The full-text of this paper is available for FREE by clicking here (updated 12/23/15). An accompanying graphic for the paper, which helps visualize and illustrate the multi-dimensional character of socio-cultural life, can also be downloaded here [mentioned in footnote 27].

This paper is also part of the ongoing EPS web project, "Philosophical Discussions on Marriage and Family."

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