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International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights

July 4 - 15, 2017
Strasbourg, France

In 2017, the International Academy will offer the following lecture and seminar program, taught in English by the Professors in Residence:

  • The Apologetic Task Today
  • Biblical Authority
  • Philosophical Apologetics
  • Apologetics and the Reformation
  • Historical Apologetics
  • Scientific Apologetics
  • Legal Apologetics and Human Rights
  • Cults, Sects, and the World's Religions

Each of these eight subjects will be treated by one or more of the Professors in Residence for a minimum of 4 hours (total class instruction: 45 hours). A reading list will be provided on initial registration so as to permit background study prior to the summer session.

All participants attending at least 90% (40 hours) of scheduled class sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion/Certificat d'Assuidit? from the Academy. Those registrants wishing to receive U.S. academic credit will sit for a written examination on the final day of the program. Successful completion of this culminating examination qualifies a student for 3 semester hours of academic credit; additional credit up to a total of 9 semester hours may be earned by arrangement with Concordia University Wisconsin (undergraduate credit) or with the Academy itself (graduate credit). On attending a second Academy program in Strasbourg (not necessarily in consecutive years), and after completing the written examination at the end of that session, one may sit for an oral examination which, if successfully completed, leads to designation as a Fellow of the Academy (F.C.A.). Also, on attending a second Academy session in Strasbourg, one may defend a thesis on an approved apologetics or human rights topic, thereby obtaining the Academy's Diploma in Christian Apologetics (Dipl.C.A.) or Human Rights (Dipl.H.R.).

For more information: apologeticsacademy.eu
Type of event: Conferences of Interest

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