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6th World Congress and School on Universal Logic

June 16 - 26, 2018
Pole Universitaire de Vichy
Vichy, France

June 16-26, 2018
Pole Universitaire de Vichy
Vichy, France

Is logic a priori? Are its truths analytical truths?

Ole Thomassen Hjortland will be the keynote speaker for this discussion on the philosophical and logical consequences of recent changes in the proliferation of logics, approaches to logic, and uses of logic with regard to the criteria by which a logical structure could be considered correct, and whether or not those criteria may be specified and context-relevant.

Topic focuses will include anti-exceptionalism about logic; a-priorism about logic; Logical foundationalism; the connection between logic and reasoning as well as logic and argumentation; Different uses for logic (argument / computer science / scientific reasoning etc.); contextual logics, logical pluralism and political correctness, and more.

The School event runs from June 16-20, and the Congress will be June 21-26.

For more information: www.uni-log.org/start6.html
Type of event: Conferences of Interest

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