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Boston College Philosophy Graduate Conference

March 16 - 17, 2018
Boston College
Boston, MA

March 16-17, 2018
Department of Philosophy
Boston College
Boston, Massachusetts

The topic of faith, religious and non-religious, has received renewed philosophical attention in recent years. This conference will continue these discussions about the nature, value, and rationality of faith across philosophical traditions, bringing new perspectives on faith into conversation with each other.

Keynote speakers include Jeffery Bloechl (Boston College), Daniel Howard-Snyder (Western Washington University) and Daniel J. McKaughan (Boston College).

Topic papers will cover epistemology and philosophy of religion, and include such questions as: What is faith? Is it solely a cognitive attitude? What makes faith valuable? Under what conditions is faith undesirable? How should faith and doubt interact? What is the relationship between faith and trust/hope/knowledge? What is required for faith to be considered rational? Does faith between persons function similarly or dissimilarly to religious faith?

To register, visit the event site here.

Type of event: Conferences of Interest

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